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2008-02-26 12:17:45 by FunnySatisfaction

hey guys I would like to make a game like building the own city or amusement park or sth like this ...
If anyone could tell me how to do it or just work with me , it would be great

Second Video

2008-01-28 17:43:13 by FunnySatisfaction

Hi My second projekt is online
a video about a sad boy ->no friends no friends
Thank you for the nice comments .
I hope my next things get voted higher ^^

first vid

2008-01-27 16:36:51 by FunnySatisfaction

My first Video appeard today
watch: bunny gets dried

I know that it isnĀ“t very good but anyway have fun !!!
and if anyone know how to make battle games like two guys are
fighting agains each other than please tell me!

Greetings , Michael